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Hosting a Basic Animal Communication Workshop can be rewarding and fun. Your assistance is acknowledged by free participation in the workshop.

The workshop usually takes place on both a Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 12:00-5:00pm. However, when requested, the workshop can be arranged on one day (9am-6:30pm). If you have a group of people who prefer another day and/or time, I will attempt to accommodate their preference.

The fee for the two-day workshop is $95-$120 per participant depending on location, and is payable in advance. Ten people are usually needed for a workshop to be presented, but the number may vary depending upon location. A special flat fee can also be arranged for groups and animal organizations.

The Host is responsible for:

Posting flyers; mailing flyers to potential participants and group members, and (if applicable) advertising in your organization’s newsletter.

*  Promoting the workshop by talking to people, contacting groups, and returning phone calls to individuals expressing an interest in the workshop.

*  Securing an appropriate place to hold the workshop. This can be a large living room, meeting room, tack room, etc., that can accommodate 10 or more participants and some animals on the second day.

*  Providing refreshments for the break. A simple non-sugar snack like cheese and crackers, trail-mix, tea and juice works well.

            *  Help with workshop set up, registration and clean up.


Once you have four people who are willing to register, I will provide all flyers. If possible I like to schedule an introductory presentation the night before, as well as participate in any radio, newspaper and television interviews that you can arrange.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please call Bonnie Norton at (541) 437-0626 or e-mail Ideally, workshops are scheduled at least six weeks in advance to allow time for publicity and promotion. However, if you have a committed group, earlier dates may be arranged.