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I had the opportunity to use Bonnie’s services when I moved with my two cats to a new living situation.  I found Bonnie’s information very practical, useful, clear and easy to implement. It was very effective overall.  I would not hesitate to recommend Bonnie to anyone interested in deepening their understanding and communication with their animal companions.


D. Sunderland, Springfield, OR



I contacted Bonnie Norton about my mare, “Dolchi.” Sometimes we got along fine, but anytime I started to push her, she would fight back by bucking and arguing. Bonnie was able to give me specific answers to many of my questions. I’ve been trotting and cantering, even a little bit of jumping, and no bucking whatsoever! No arguing!


It’s like Dolchi understands now that I’m trying to learn from what she told Bonnie.  I am having so much more fun with my horse now!  It all makes good sense now, but I couldn’t have figured it out without Bonnie.  I appreciate what Bonnie has been able to do for me. I don’t know what Dolchi and I would be doing now if I hadn’t contacted Bonnie!  Dolchi and I are both happier now. We can ride all over the place, where before I was afraid to trot her in a round pen!  I’m so happy!  Dolchi is so sweet and wonderful now that I understand what she needed to tell me.


M. McAteer, Boise, ID



I feel so lucky to have heard about Bonnie Norton when I did.  My first reading was fabulous. As she answered each question I had for my dogs, I could really FEEL each personality of the three animals.  I knew it was them speaking to me.  It was amazing to be able to communicate with them instead of guessing.


The insight as to what they were feeling and experiencing in the family meant a lot to me.  I got to know my dogs better and could make better decisions.  I must say that Bonnie really has a deep connection with animals.  I can feel it from her heart.  She is also gentle with the owners and their human flaws.  This is her true calling.

J. Hawkins, Venice, CA



Thank you for your help with my cat “KC” and his rough play tactics.  Now when he goes into attack mode I remind him “KC, the rule is play nice.”  He looks at me with the, “Oh, I forgot again,” expression and there is definite understanding and improvement.


You suggested that I tell them ahead of time what was going to happen and that I needed their help and cooperation.  I have been doing that ever since and we are having much less stress all around!  Thank you so much.

P. Carson, Bend, OR