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Animal Communication
Almost everyone has experienced a relationship with at least one special animal that touched him or her deeply. They knew that when they looked into that animal's eyes there was more there than "just a dog" or a cat, bird or horse. These experiences often help people validate their intuitive sense that communicating with animals is possible.

As infants we are capable of communicating telepathically with each other and with animals. When we are young children sharing our animal experiences with adults we usually receive a powerful message that it is not possible to talk with animals. Because we tend to believe what grownups say, we usually begin to shut down our natural ability and discount those experiences.

Many of us are beginning to realize that when we "just had a feeling" to check the horses in the middle of the night (only to find one in need of help), that this is not just a "coincidence" as we have been told. In reality, that animal is communicating with us telepathically. For most adults communicating telepathically with animals is a matter of reconnecting with the gift we were born with and developing our natural ability.

While telepathic communication was once thought impossible there are now hundreds of professionals doing amazing work with animals. Most animal communicators work with an animal's behavior or training problem such as determining why a cat is urinating outside the litter box, why a dog is behaving destructively when left alone, or why a horse suddenly starts bucking or refusing to jump. Because animals can explain the reason(s) for their behavior, it helps those involved better understand their motive and negotiate a solution.

In addition, animal communicators provide sessions for people who just want to know what their animal has to say. This usually brings great joy to the person and comfort to the animal, knowing he/she has been heard.

My Purpose In Life
As an animal communicator I would like to make a difference in two ways. First I would like to assist animals and their human friends better understand each other. Knowing what the other is thinking and feeling helps develop a closer relationship and the understanding needed to resolve problems.

Here is an example of a previous consultation . A woman who had recently moved to a new home requested a consultation because her cats were having trouble adjusting. She wanted to know what she could do make them more comfortable. The older cat explained to me how dark it was at night. When I shared the cat's comment with the woman she said, "Well, I never thought about it, but before we moved I always had a night light on at night. I have not yet unpacked it." The problem was easily resolved once the animal's perspective was understood. Several months later, the veterinarian said the older cat was becoming disoriented and her vision was failing.

Secondly, I would like to do everything possible to increase human awareness that telepathic communication with animals is possible. Once we accept that animal communication is "real", then we can learn to be open to what the animals have to say. My hope is that this awareness will ultimately improve the quality of life for all animals. I feel that when people realize what intelligent, wise and aware beings the animals are they will be more loving, compassionate and respectful of all animals.

I believe one of the best ways of increasing human awareness of animal communication is by sharing what the animals have said through articles, lectures and interviews. An example of this may be found on this web site by clicking on "Keiko's Message to the World." ("Keiko" is the orca whale whose transfer from the Oregon Aquarium to Iceland made headline news in 1998).

Our Animal Friends

We humans can learn a lot from our animal friends. They show us patience, unconditional love, how to forgive, to play, to be in the moment, to stay in our heart, and to accept others for who they are. If we allow them, they can be great teachers.

I hope that my work will help create "reverence" for all animals. One dictionary's definition of reverence is "Honor and respect mixed with love and awe."

Bonnie Norton , Animal Communicator

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