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What Did Keiko Want?

Elgin, OR (January 2005) – Just released is a new book about Keiko, the orca whale who starred in the movie, Free Willy. Keiko Speaks: Keiko’s True Story Based On His Communications With Bonnie Norton is a chronological account of their conversations from 1997 through 2003. Although a gallant attempt was made to return him to the wild, Keiko repeatedly communicated his desire to be with people.

From Keiko’s perspective, hear how he felt about being set free, his words of wisdom about people and animals, and his “Message To The World.”

Because so many of Keiko’s communications were later publicly validated through his behavior, this book has the potential to positively change both our reality and the way many people view animals. Keiko touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide, and people of all ages will want to read his never-before-told true story.

Norton is a professional Animal Communicator and her work with Keiko has been documented on numerous radio and television news programs since 1998. She devoted most of the last five years to trying to let Keiko’s wishes be known with the hopes that one day he might be allowed the life he so desired.

Jeff Foster, Keiko’s trainer for five years, describes the book as “Well-written, accurate and comprehensive. It brought back some very fond memories.”

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Keiko Speaks is available through Animal Messenger Publishing; $15.00
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